Monday, December 3, 2007

F-M... The Trans Ams are going to $#% You Up Now...

I very well may have seen this band more times than any other band ever. They seemed to play everywhere, I think I played with them more than any other band I have ever played with. They are F-M legends. Very nice that my old band The Scrodonauts had a part in their "last" show. Yeeeee Hawwww!!

Here is the flier from that show:

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And is here is video of them playing one of their classics, "Ropin" :

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Phil said...

Awesome! Thanks for the blog, Clay. That poster was riddled with inside jokes--a reference to the Little Rascals as well as the beyond stupid He-Man/Skeletor drawings on there. Fun times. I've been thinking of posting our "best of" CD that Lon made for the band members a few years back, with tracks from the 7" and all the dumb little tapes we made over our meager existence. I'll let you know if I get around to it.